World Association of
Doctorate Degree Holders


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We welcome you to join the only organization of the "Doctors of the World"-- a true representative body of doctorate degree holders of the whole world.

Membership Criteria
You are eligible for the full membership if :

  • you have earned a doctorate degree in any discipline
  • or you are a pursuant doctoral student
  • your degree is granted by a legally empowered institution

If you are eligible to join WADDH and wish to be a member, submit your membership application. Our scrutiny committee will inform you within two weeks of your application's submission. After your application is accepted, you will be issued with a DELUXE CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP. Annual fee for a full membership is $80 (plus $10 for shipping).

A full member will enjoy following facilities:

  • will be issued with a Deluxe Membership Certificate
  • will have access to Online Library
  • will be able to publish his/her thesis on organization's website
  • will be placed on job seeking sites by WADDH
  • will be helped out to facilitate his/her relevant professional problems
  • will be recommended to an employer
  • will be provided with any assistance needed

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